The summer heat can be brutal. Humidity weighing down on you and the feeling of the sun hugging your skin— sometimes it almost seems impossible to beat it. Not only do you feel it outside but sometimes the heat makes itself comfortable in your apartment and that’s one guest you never wanted in the first place, right? Well, don’t worry because there are ways that you can beat the summer heat in your apartment!

One of the very first ideas that may come to a lot of minds is air conditioning. Air conditioners are a gift from heaven in the summer. But in order to take advantage of them, you have to make sure they are working properly. For example, make sure the filter is changed and if it’s not or if there are any other problems, notify the on site team as soon as possible.

Another way to beat the heat of the summer in your apartment is to utilize curtains or shades that are made of a thick enough fabric to darken the room. While sunlight is great, it can also turn your apartment into an oven in a short amount of time. Until the sun starts to go down, pick out some summer-colored curtains that will not only look cute but will keep you cool!

Portable fans are so useful in the summer. Even if your air conditioner is working great, a fan will help circulate the cool air and create a constant breeze and, not to mention, you can bring it to any room in the apartment you want. Whether it is a box fan, pedestal fan, table fan– this will help your apartment stay cool. Plus, nobody says it has to be a basic neutral color, right? Find a fan with a design on it or in a color you love!

A delicious way to cool off this summer is to create cool, refreshing beverages the whole family can enjoy. Adults can whip up frozen Margaritas or a Mojito while the kids can make their own Popsicle or have a blast making Root Beer floats. There is nothing like a cold beverage on a hot day!

Lastly, if your apartment community has a pool—utilize it! Swimming is not only a great summer activity that can keep the kids busy for hours, but it is extremely helpful when trying to keep cool in the hot summer temps!

Remember to hydrate and try your best to keep cool, Residents!

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