Getting a Roommate? Check Out These 4 Helpful Tips!

It can be a lot of fun to move in with a roommate. It’s like a never ending slumber party! Although adjusting to how someone else lives can be a bit challenging and may seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to feel that way! We have 4 helpful tips to remember that can help make it a successful transition! 

Give Them Their Own Space And Create Boundaries

Sometimes you just need your own space which is completely understandable. When you are living with someone else, it can be difficult at times to feel like you have that. Respecting each other’s space is extremely important in making sure that everyone can live comfortably. Such as when a bedroom door is closed, knock before entering. Dedicate an area in every room where each person can place their belongings. For example, if you have a strict diet, find a shelf in one of the cabinets that you can dedicate as your own for your food. 

Communication Is Key

As mentioned before, it can be challenging learning how other people live and adjusting to it. How they do something may be completely opposite of how you do it. Learning to communicate with each other when something bothers you is key. Pent up frustration can lead to bigger problems. If they play their music too loud, kindly ask them to turn it down. Approach each situation with a possible solution because while the music may be too loud for you, it may be their way of relaxing after a long day. Find ways to meet in the middle and do what you can to create a positive atmosphere.

Make Time For Each Other

When you live with someone, it is important to dedicate time to each other. This does not mean you have to hang out with them 24/7. You each have things going on and with the hecticness of life, you may not be able to see them often. This may make you feel like you are losing touch. Whether it is having dinner once a week or having a movie night every other weekend, it can be beneficial to establish a weekly event with each other so you can catch up.

Create A Schedule

Creating a schedule can be a lifesaver. While it is not always the most fun thing to do, housework is inevitable!  Create a schedule distinguishing who does what chores and on what days so there is no confusion. This is not to say that you cannot give them a hand if they get caught up in the whirlwind of life. It helps keep everyone accountable and your apartment nice and clean. The same thing goes for payments. Find a tool to help remind you about when rent and other bills are due such as a calendar! Once again, this can help keep everyone on track. 

Living with a roommate can help you grow as a person. You will learn alot about yourself and your habits. Staying organized and communicating with each other is sure to benefit you and your roommate in the long run! 

Organization Hacks To Help You Save Room In Your Apartment

Do you ever feel like you have more stuff than you do space to put it all? I think we’ve all been there! We must admit, there is nothing better than finding a hack to make your life a little easier and to help you solve that issue! Check out 6 tricks to help you save space and keep organized!

1. Shower rings in the closet

Clothes are often the biggest culprit for taking up so much space, especially when sweater weather arrives. What if we told you that shower curtain rings can help you with this problem? Yes, you read that right! The rings you use in the shower to hang your shower curtain can actually be used to help you save space in your closet. Hook as many of the rings as you can on your hanger and hang the clothes from the rings! This is the perfect way to hang light clothing items such as tank tops, bathing suits, and belts. Not only does this give you extra space by using less hangers but keeps everything nice and in order. 

2. Fridge Bins

The fridge is another common area that can feel like it gets crowded pretty quickly and sometimes it feels like there is just not enough drawer space to put everything. Well we can solve that! Let’s call it a DIY Drawer! Fridge bins are bins that you place in your fridge that act as a makeshift drawer! This way you can keep your fruits, veggies, dairy products, etc all in one organized container. Those days of digging deep into the fridge will be a thing of the past!

3. Lazy Susan

If the bin idea just does not seem like it is for you when it comes to making room in your fridge, try the lazy susan hack! Place a lazy susan on the top shelf and store your condiments such as ketchup, mustard, and salad dressings on there. These are bulkier items so this hack will save you space on the other shelves of your fridge and all you have to do is give it a quick spin! It is a convenient way to find what you need quickly.

4. Baskets

Baskets are your best friend when it comes to organization. They are a convenient place to store blankets and pillows in the living room, your pets toys, kids arts and craft supplies, and so much more! Not only are they great for storage but they will not be an eye sore and distract your guest from the overall look of your place. They look cute and can fit in perfectly with your apartment decor! 

5.Plastic shoe holder in the pantry, linen closet, etc

Who said plastic shoe holders have to be just for shoes? Hang one of these in your linen closet and keep anything from extra towels to cleaning supplies in there! It stays hidden and out of the way but it has multiple slots so you can store a decent amount of items in there and it is easy to access when it’s cleaning day!

6. Labels

If you are really into keeping everything organized, you may want to invest in labels! Labels are extremely helpful when it comes to keeping track of where things are especially in busy places like the fridge! Not to mention, it is a time saver when you are in a rush and need to grab what you are looking for quickly. You can purchase your own label maker on Amazon

Hopefully these tips & tricks can help you stay organized! There are so many more that you can use to make life a little simpler. What are some of your favorite hacks? Share them with us! 

Apartment Decor Based On Your Favorite TV Shows

When you get invested into a TV show, you invite those characters into your home and they invite you into theirs.  You may even feel like they are a member of your family. You become connected to their storylines and go through the ups and downs of their lives along with them. You see many different types of styles on television whether it is clothing, food, or even apartment/home decor. Have you ever wanted to decorate your home like your favorite shows? Well now you can! 


Most of us may agree that Monica’s apartment is one of the most recognizable sets in television history. Her apartment is where the 6 friends spend most of their time together, when they are not getting their daily cup of coffee at Central Perk, and it is the perfect place to just hang out. If you want to create the same vibe for you and your friends, check out Cute Furniture’s article on how to “Decorate An Apartment In F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Style – Monica’s Place”. Also, let’s be real. You cannot forget the iconic yellow picture frame to add to your front door as the finishing touch! You can find that here on Amazon! 

2.Golden Girls

“Picture it. Sicily. 1922.” Golden Girls is just one of those feel good shows that can bring a smile to your face after a long day. While the 4 women had very different personalities, their decor throughout the house seemed to suit each of them well. For years we saw them laugh, cry, and argue in the many different rooms of their Floridian home. If you are a Golden Girls fan and are into more of an old-school fashion look, Apartment Therapy breaks down each of the rooms pictured in the show and links where you can find replicas of the furniture!  

3.Mad Men

Mad Men is a show based in the 1960’s so if you are into a dated but modern style, you may want to take some decorating notes from Don Draper. Apartment Therapy’s article “Mad Men Shop Set Home Decor” gives us a guide to stepping foot into the Mad Men world. While the furniture is a bit on the pricey side, there is no need to fear! shares “11 Retro Furniture Types” and links to the stores where you can find 1960’s inspired items for all price ranges! 

4.Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Fans of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt know that she and her roommate, Titus, have a very fun, bright, and quirky style which matches their lovable personalities. If you need a little color in your life…ok a lot of color… replicating Kimmy’s style is the move for you. ElleDecor gives us a guide of how you can bring this eccentric style into your own home! 

Gilmore Girls, Frasier, New Girl, That 70’s show, just to name a few, are some of the many television shows that can totally inspire your apartment decor along with these 4 staples in television!  Why live vicariously through your favorite characters when you can bring a piece of their world into your own? Happy decorating!

The Benefits of Renting

A big part of growing up is moving out and living on your own. Finding a place to live can be stressful and the idea can be daunting, but it does not have to be! You will face the challenging question of whether it is better to rent your first place or to buy. While there are certainly pros to both of these options, find out more about the benefits of renting!

One of the perks of renting is the low maintenance that comes along with it. When you own a home, if something breaks or goes wrong, you are responsible for hiring a professional to fix it or you have to purchase the supplies to resolve the problem yourself. This can become costly. When you rent, there is a maintenance team for you to depend on if something goes wrong. Having this feature available helps decrease the stress that homeownership can cause, especially if you are trying to save. 

While it can vary, another pro of renting is the monthly cost of rent is typically less than a mortgage payment plus applicable fees. This gives you the opportunity to save up your money to eventually own a home, go on that dream vacation, or add to your retirement fund. 

With renting often comes flexibility. Life happens and sometimes things come up such as new job opportunities, family emergencies, downsizing, etc. Renting gives you that relief of flexibility. Most leases are 12 months commitments, so find out if there are lease break fees and/or opt in options to take advantage of so you are not locked in for a full year unnecessarily. Of course, the benefit to being “locked in” is that the rate won’t be changing in the middle of the lease term! Flexible renting is much less of a hassle and will not make you feel as tied down or stuck in one place. 

If you rent an apartment, a big perk are the amenities that come with your apartment community. Your community may have a fitness center, a pool, a playground, etc. Gym and pool memberships can be expensive. It is definitely a money saver to have those features included in the rent. Not to mention, this is a great way to meet your neighbors and enhance that feeling of community. Take advantage of the community atmosphere created for renters, and attend their monthly resident functions… what a great way to meet your neighbors!

Low maintenance, flexibility, amenities, and saving money are all awesome perks that come with renting. Aside from these reasons, renting has many other positives. Find time to conduct your research, write a pro/con list, and give yourself time to figure out what is the best for you and your situation. Whether you are renting an apartment, a condo, or a house, make sure it is somewhere you feel comfortable calling home! 

How To Keep That ‘Spring’ In Your Step

It’s SPRING! Time to awaken, rise & shine! Now that the weather is getting nicer, it’s time to get out of the winter-blues and get re-energized! Check out these great ways to motivate yourself this Spring — it’s time to get that ‘spring’ in your step!

1. Take Walks To Refresh Your Mind

Whether you are in school, at work, or at home– it is always nice to take a break from the hecticness of life and get some fresh air. Step outside for 5-10 minutes, put all phones/computers away, and enjoy the scenery around you. This helps clear the mind and refresh your focus.

2. Set Goals You Want To Accomplish

If you are a goal-oriented person, take some time to write down what you need to get done and pick a date that you want to accomplish it by. This gives you a goal to actually look at and a timeline to follow rather than to just think about. If it helps, write down milestones indicating what part of this goal you want to have complete by a certain date. This is definitely helpful in keeping yourself on track to reaching where you want to be!

3. Make A To-Do List

While looking at the big goal can be motivating, it can also be overwhelming. Take it day by day. Each day before you go home, write down what you want to complete the next day. You will then have a plan in place and it will make focusing a lot easier because you will not be as scatterbrained. Although, it is important to remember that sometimes you will get thrown curve balls and other tasks may arise distracting you from your to-do list. If this happens, don’t sweat it! Take a deep breath and tackle them!

4. Find People To Support You

It is important to surround yourself with people who know your goals and milestones. Let the people you feel comfortable with know what you want to accomplish. Tell them if they see you falling off track, their support and guidance is appreciated! Remember, the people around you should be lifting you up rather than knocking you down.

5. Kick The Negative Thinking

Kicking the negative thoughts is definitely easier said than done. Filling your head with “ I can’t do it” or “It’s too hard” will just decrease your motivation more and more day by day. Change your “can’t” into “can” and if it a task is challenging– ask for help! Even if it is the simplest task, someone around you should be willing to help you figure it out!

6. Take Away Distractions

Distractions can make completing your tasks almost seem impossible. Smartphones and social media, especially, are a big culprit in keeping people away from their work. If you find this is the case for you, take away the distractions. Flip your phone over so you do not see it light up each time you get a notification, delete your social media apps until you get home, put your phone away completely, etc. Out of sight, out of mind is definitely the motto to follow when it comes to distractions.

7. Take Care Of You!

The most important step of all is taking care of yourself! Eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, drinking the required amount of water, etc. can do wonders for you. When you feel good and take care of you, it can help you stay focused and motivated.

These are just some of the helpful suggestions that you can follow to keep that motivation going year round! Keep that ‘spring’ in your step and accomplish those goals!

A Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Apartment

Spring is in the air! It is officially time to open the windows, let the warm sun in, and clean out your apartment from all of the clutter that was stored over the Winter… but where do you start? It can be overwhelming trying to tackle everything you own at once, so the best option is to take it one step at a time. Here is a guide to help you with your spring cleaning!

Before starting, if you are feeling a bit anxious and need a method to lean on to help you organize everything, research the KonMari Method. The KonMari Method is “a system of simplifying and organizing your home by getting rid of physical items that do not bring joy into your life” which was created by organizing expert, Marie Kondo. If you have Netflix, Marie Kondo has a show which helps families and individuals clean up their home. For tips, tricks, and the perfect show to binge watch, check out Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix!

1.Create a list to help you stay organized!

It definitely can be anxiety-inducing to have multiple areas of the apartment that need to be straightened up. Before diving into the mess, take a minute to write a list of what rooms you want to conquer on which days. That way you have organization and a set plan. You can also create a list of which items you would like to focus on each day rather than doing it by room. For example, tackle clothes on Monday, tubberware on Tuesday, and so on. This is another helpful method in getting your apartment in order!

2. Lean on the things you love to help motivate you!

Finding motivation can be a challenge sometimes, especially when it comes to cleaning. Head to Starbucks and buy your favorite drink, open the windows, play your favorite music and start cleaning! When you have some of your favorite things surrounding you– it makes it a little bit easier to find the energy to get done what you need to get done! Not to mention, it makes it a lot more fun!

3. Throw away what you do not need!

This is one of the more challenging parts of spring cleaning. If you are someone who grows sentimental attachment to a lot of items, it can be hard to declutter and let go. Tackling this issue is a big focus of the KonMari method. To decide whether or not an item should go, pick it up and hold it. If you feel the item “sparks joy” for you, keep it! If you feel as though you do not experience any joy holding the item, throw it away. One way to decrease the feeling of guilt that sentimental people may have when throwing an item away is to thank the item with a simple “thank you”  before tossing it in the bag.

4. Take short mental breaks!

Let’s face it, cleaning can be exhausting especially if you have been doing it all day. Rather than cleaning everything in one fell swoop, give yourself a break every so often. Grab a snack, take a walk, read a chapter of a book–this will give you a mental break and refresh you. Set an alarm on your phone so that you can stay on top of your task and not get distracted for too long!

5. Take everything out and put it back in a more organized way!

When trying to organize a cabinet or a closet, it can be hard to clean it up when there are items all over the place. For areas that are deeper such as a cabinet, take everything out of it and place it on the ground. This gives you the chance to see everything that is in there, throw away what you do not want or need, and place it all back in an orderly fashion. Everything will have a place and you will know what is where.

6. Get some Spring decor to liven up your apartment!

After you are done cleaning, it is important to keep the festive Spring mood alive! Buy a bouquet of bright flowers as well as a few household items such as colorful pillows, throw blankets, cooking utensils, window decor—anything that makes it feel like Spring in your apartment. This will not only make your apartment look super cute but it will bring life to it as well!

After you complete your spring cleaning, light a candle, have a glass of wine, turn on your favorite show, and relax in your nice clean home. There truly is no better feeling than coming home to a clean house so enjoy it!


How To Get Your Apartment Ready For The Holidays

Hosting the holidays can be a fun time but preparing everything to be perfect for your guests may seem like a daunting task. Not only do you have food to prep but your apartment needs to be up to par as well. As the holidays approach, you may be feeling the pressure… but no worries! Follow these tips on getting your apartment ready for the holidays and hosting will be a breeze!

1.Prepare for guests to spend the night

If your guests are coming from another city or state, they will most likely be spending the night at your house. Before they arrive, it is a good idea to figure out where they are going to be sleeping so when they come, so that they know where to put their stuff. It is also important to remember to find clean sheets, pillows, and blankets. Sometimes guest may forget to bring their own and as a host, you should always have some prepared. Even if your guest are not planning on staying the night, it is still smart to be prepared. Something could come up and they may not be able to get home and being ready for the unexpected will help so they do not feel as though they are putting you out. Plus, how fun is an impromptu Holiday Pajama Party with friends?!

2. Find entertainment other than the television

When guests are coming over for the holidays, it is important to prepare what are you going to do during the party. Rather than depending on the television as the sole form of entertainment, come up with other ways your guests can have fun! Board games and card games are always a fun option and are often a lot funnier with a group of people! Another option is to encourage your guests embrace their inner superstar with a karaoke machine! Who knows– Grandpa might have some pipes! If you are looking to get out of the house, take a stroll to look at the dazzling lights around the neighborhood. Not only will this encourage some great conversation, but will definitely enhance the holiday spirit!

3. Clean / Freshen it up with candles

Whenever guests are coming, cleaning up is an obvious must. Take the time out of your busy schedule to deep clean each room so your guests walk in to a fresh clean home. When you are finished, light some holiday scented candles! This not only will make your home smell delightful but makes it feel warm and welcoming as well which is ideal! Nothing like the smell of fresh baked sugar cookies to greet you at the door!

4. Holiday decor to make it more festive

Along with scented candles, holiday decor will make your home feel all the more festive! Pillows with cute holiday phrases like “Let It Snow” or characters such as snowman on them will make the cutest addition to your couch! Lights not only brighten up the room but they make it feel comfy and cozy! You could also add blankets, table decorations, candy dishes, and other fun ornamentation to boost the overall mood of the room!

5. Rearrange the furniture

Having guests over can be stressful especially trying to make sure there is enough room to eat and mingle. Take a look at the main area you will be hosting. If there is room to push the furniture back against the wall more– do it! This will open up the room a little bit more and a little more space is definitely better than none. If you have any decorative chairs or tables that you do not really use, relocate them for the night. This will create more room and your guest will feel comfortable and not overwhelmed!

6. Have a designated area for items your guests may bring

December can be a chilly month so your guests may be wearing coats. Depending on how many people are coming, make room in your coat closet to hang up their coats. If there are more people coming than coats you can fit into the closet, think of a designated room to place the coats in. This way coats are not laying all over the place. This is a great way to stay organized and everyone can easily grab their coat before leaving. Guests often bring gifts with them as a thank you for hosting. Think ahead of time about where to put gifts they could possibly bring so you do not have to pile them all in one place and take up more room than you would like. In case someone brings a cake, make room on the kitchen counter ahead of time for it. If you have a wine rack, create room on the top and place the wine there so you know which one came from them so you can pop it open for dinner!

Whether you are hosting or traveling this season, we wish all of our residents a happy, healthy, warm, and safe holiday!

5 Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones!

The holidays are not only about receiving, but giving as well! Getting your loved one that one item that they have had their eye on and watching them unwrap it is a rewarding feeling! The smile that stretches across their face creates great memories! But sometimes, it is rather difficult to figure out what exactly to get that certain someone. If you are searching for gift ideas, look no further! Here are some fun holiday gifts to give this season!

1. Clothes!

Buying someone clothes can be tricky because everyone has different sizes and styles but you can never go wrong with buying something cute or funny such as one size fits all adult onesies, knitted scarfs, bath robes, etc.– these all make for some great gifts that you don’t need a specific size for! Fuzzy socks are another popular suggestion! You can never go wrong with fuzzy socks– they’re super cozy and let’s face it, you can never have too many socks! I think we can all relate to putting on a load of laundry and coming out with only one sock of the pair so the more socks, the merrier!

2. Television/ Movie themed gifts!

Is there a television show or movie that the person you are gift hunting for loves? If so, try to base your gift that! Depending on the show, it should be a relatively easy task to find merchandise with something like their favorite character or quote on it! For example, if they love the Harry Potter series, there are numerous of sweaters, hats, socks, etc., that you can find with spells on it or buy them a wand so they can imagine themselves in the wizarding world they love! Duplicates of the props found in the show/movie are also a really fun gift! If they love NBC’s The Office, you can get them something such as a Dundie award! The Dundie awards were given out by Michael Scott to each of the people in his office. You could get it customized to say something like “Best Brother!” or “Favorite Co-Worker!” Creativity is key. Find something that that is unique and fun! Etsy is a great website to find these types of items!

3. You can’t go wrong with Gift Cards

Let’s face it. Gift cards are most likely the easiest gift to give. Not only is it small and easy to wrap, but it gives the receiver the opportunity to buy what they want with it. As mentioned before, shopping for someone is sometimes challenging especially when it comes to clothes. A giftcard to Target, TJ Maxx, Old Navy, etc., is never under appreciated! Gift cards to restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters, etc., all make amazing gifts!

4. Tickets to a live event!

Tickets tend to make a popular gifts as well! If they have a favorite band/ artist/ comedian that is going on tour, tickets to see them live would make the ultimate gift! If you are giving to a sports fan, buy them tickets to a game! Going to a game live compared to watching it on TV is a whole different experience that they are sure to appreciate! Do they love musicals? Broadway shows? Buy them tickets to see a show! It does not have to be in New York City– most major cities around the country have productions! This is a fun night out on the town that gives you a reason to dress up!

5. A picture is worth 1000 words

Pictures can be sentimental. Looking back at the good old days and bringing yourself back to that day and thinking about the memories that were made is a special feeling. There are many stores, online and offline, that can print pictures on any surface you would like so these memories do not just have to exist in a flipbook of photos. If you are trying to find the perfect gift for your mom, dad, grandfather, or grandmother– print pictures of their children/grandchildren on a large canvas to hang in her living room or a soft blanket they can snuggle with each night! If the person you are giving to went on a fun vacation with you, create a scrapbook for them to cherish forever! As said before, creativity is key but no matter what the gift is, it is sure to touch someone’s heart!

Overall, giving is even better than receiving! It’s not about the how much you spend, it’s always the thought that counts. No matter what you give someone, it will be special to them because it came from you!


Fun Crafts To Do This Holiday Season!

Crafting is always fun especially during the holiday season! There are so many creative ways to utilize the things you use in your everyday life and turn them into a decoration that will last you a lifetime! Kids crafts can be a heartwarming piece of decor that will hold so many memories! Grab the kids, your best friends, your significant other, or anybody who loves to craft and make these 5 adorable pieces!

1. Felt reindeer, candy canes, Santa, and more!

Felt is easy to use and maneuver and a great tool for crafting! It comes in an assortment of colors that make it easy for your imagination to run wild with ideas! For your holiday craft, you will be sticking to the basic colors of red, white, black, green, and brown! If you are a crafting beginner, don’t worry! Felt crafts are all about basic shapes! Your craft can become anything you want it to be! There is no right or wrong when it comes to crafting! 

What you will need: Felt, Glue. Scissors, any other accessories depending on what you make!

2. Paint Plastic ornaments

Finding clear plastic ornaments is simple! You can buy them online or in your nearest craft store! Painting plastic ornaments are the perfect canvas to use especially with kids! This is a much safer alternative to using glass because you do not have to worry about the ornament breaking which is a big relief as a parent!  After they dry, hang them up! Be proud to display the beautiful work and fun memories that go with it!

What you will need:

Clear plastic ornaments

Washable paint


Ribbon to hang the ornaments

3. Hand painted Santa

Another fun holiday craft is a hand painted Santa! Head to your nearest craft store and buy washable white and red paint! Cover your fingers in the white paint and along the thumb in red and place down on the canvas with your fingers pointing towards the bottom. Flip it right side up and draw the rest of Santa with your hand portraying his beard and hat! Voila! You have an easily made hand painted Santa! This is the perfect craft for people of all ages! What you will need:

A blank canvas

White Paint

Red Paint

Crayons or Markers to draw the eyes and nose

4. Cotton ball beard

One of the most classic holiday crafts is creating Santa’s beard and hat out of cotton balls! White and fluffy, just like his beard, cotton balls are the perfect crafting supplies! For Santa face you can either print out a coloring page ahead of time or draw it yourself! Not only that, but if you want to do a full body Santa– cotton balls make the perfect lining to Santa’s infamous red coat! Overall, this is a cute idea that does not take long to make!

What you will need:

Cotton Balls

Any skin tone colored construction paper/felt for the head

Red construction paper or felt for the hat

Hot Glue/ Elmer’s Glue

Crayons or Markers for the eyes and nose!

5. Popsicle stick reindeer

Popsicles are a sweet summer treat but make for a great Christmas time craft! One popular craft is creating a reindeer out of popsicle sticks. To begin, paint your popsicle sticks brown and let them dry. Next, take your popsicle sticks and glue them together to form a triangle. Create antlers out of pipe cleaners and glue them on. Lastly, add a red ball and googly eyes for the facial features! If you want to make an ornament out of it, that’s no problem! Glue a string onto the back and there you have it!

What you will need:

Popsicle sticks

Brown paint

Googly eyes

Red cotton ball

Pipe cleaners


7 Tips For Hosting Thanksgiving in Your Apartment

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! It is a time for family, giving thanks, and a lot of delicious food. Hosting can be stressful! If you’re living in an apartment home, space constraints can add to that. A million thoughts will be racing through your head of what needs to be done but try not to get overwhelmed! Here are 7 tips to remember when hosting Thanksgiving in your apartment home:

1. Try to keep your guest list to the right size, inviting your closest family & friends!

Though you would love to have everyone over for Thanksgiving, space can be limited. If your apartment community has a clubhouse, look into renting it! This will give you plenty of space to entertain your friends and family! If it is warm out and your community has a pool, bring Thanksgiving poolside– a fun and unique way to spend the holiday!

2. Have guest bring extra tables and chairs

You can never have too many tables and chairs. Ask your guests to bring any folding tables and chairs they have with them. This way you are guaranteed to have plenty of seating for everyone and you can set up a fun game night or an after-turkey movie! Also, homemade name cards are useful and will help keep everyone knowing their place while maximizing space!

3. Rearrange furniture to make more room

Before your guest come, take a look at the main area where you will be hosting. Can couches be pushed back? Can that chair fit in another corner more out of the way? Maneuver your furniture to make as much room as possible for a comfortable experience for your guest and less worry for you. Then you may even find enough space for a kiddie or card table as well!

4. Create to-do lists

When it comes to hosting a gathering, making lists of to-do’s, food to make, guests to invite, etc will make your life a lot easier. This is the perfect way to make sure that you are not forgetting something and you will not have to do last minute running around on Thanksgiving. Also, make your list a week in advance. Making it the day before the holiday, when you are frazzled with preparation, increases the chance of forgetting what you need to do or buy.

5. Prep as much food as possible in advance!

Think about what food you are going to be making and decide which items you can make a day or two in advance such as pies, cranberry sauce, stuffing, etc. This will decrease the load of the things you need to get done on Thanksgiving. If certain foods need to be made the day of, prep your ingredients! If the recipe calls for onion, chop it up the night before and put it in the fridge. Doing as much as you can ahead of time will be a huge help to yourself.

6. Try not to stress over the little things

Things may not always go your way especially when hosting an event. But, try not to sweat the little things that are out of your control. For example, trying to have everyone sit around one table. While it would be great to have everyone sit around the table together, it may be tight. Place some people in a room close by– that way they can take part in the conversation, and potentially even meet new friends, while insuring your guests are comfortable while enjoying the meal.

7. Send your guest home with leftovers

Insist your guest take some leftovers home. Since they will be celebrating Thanksgiving at your home, they may not have leftovers for the next day waiting for them… and let’s be honest, the leftovers are one of the best parts! Not only does that make a good host, but guests will appreciate the gesture as well!

Holidays will always be a busy time but a joyous one! It is a time to make memories with your family and friends. Do not forget to be thankful that you have a roof over your head and food in your stomach this holiday season. We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, Residents!