Tips For Finding The Perfect Off Campus Apartment

Heading off to college can come with many exciting changes! One of those changes, for some, includes living on your own for the first time. While this may sound equally exciting and intimidating, it can also be an amazing opportunity to find yourself and grow. Finding the perfect place to live is not always easy. Here are some tips to remember when searching for the perfect off-campus apartment! 

When looking for a place to live, it is always important to do research on the area that you will be residing in. Do you feel safe? Ensuring that you feel comfortable where you live is principle.  If you are a student, research how far the apartment is from your school. Is it manageable for you? Also look up how close the local grocery store, convenience store, urgent care, etc. is from your home. Now that you are an adult living on your own, you are in charge of your own food and amenities. Knowing where these places are compared to your apartment community is important. 

Having a pet is optional, of course, but it does not hurt to have a furry companion by your side during a time of change. If you decide to have a pet, you will need to find an apartment community that allows pets. Call and ask the team what their pet policy is. Are certain breeds not allowed? Are only small dogs allowed? What is the pet fee? These are the types of questions you should be inquiring. Before taking on the responsibility of a pet, make sure you can not only afford one but have the proper necessities to care for them.

One of the most key parts of finding an apartment off campus is making certain that the rent is within your budget. Ask the team if they have any incentives for students. Know what you are looking for in an apartment community. Make a list of what amenities you want– a pool? playground? gym? You will be living there so you deserve to live the life you want. However, if the rent is not within your budget, it is important to note what amenities you could live without and find an apartment community that is more reasonably priced for you. 

Search for a roommate that you can rely on. College can be stressful as it is and the last thing you want is someone who does not make it any easier on you. But do not forget to have fun with your roommates! Get excited about having a place together and take some time to sit down and think of how you want to decorate your apartment! This is home for you– make it cozy, a place of comfort, and the perfect place to have a relaxing movie night after a tough exam! 

Flexibility is key! Some apartment communities offer lease length terms that are conducive to student renters. At DLP Real Estate Management, our renters are offered the Elite Resident Program! Elite Resident Program is a unique benefit that offers residents as an opt-in program, whereby residents enjoy additional perks. To learn more, ask the team at your community for more information!

Lastly, make a pro/con list of every place you are considering living. It is hard to make such a big decision but seeing it written down on paper can often ease the stress and make the process a little bit simpler. Additionally, ask those around you who you trust on their honest opinions on the apartment community you are considering. Sometimes others see something that we do not. In the end, it is your decision but it never hurts to get a second opinion.