A Guide To Spring Cleaning Your Apartment

Spring is in the air! It is officially time to open the windows, let the warm sun in, and clean out your apartment from all of the clutter that was stored over the Winter… but where do you start? It can be overwhelming trying to tackle everything you own at once, so the best option is to take it one step at a time. Here is a guide to help you with your spring cleaning!

Before starting, if you are feeling a bit anxious and need a method to lean on to help you organize everything, research the KonMari Method. The KonMari Method is “a system of simplifying and organizing your home by getting rid of physical items that do not bring joy into your life” which was created by organizing expert, Marie Kondo. If you have Netflix, Marie Kondo has a show which helps families and individuals clean up their home. For tips, tricks, and the perfect show to binge watch, check out Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix!

1.Create a list to help you stay organized!

It definitely can be anxiety-inducing to have multiple areas of the apartment that need to be straightened up. Before diving into the mess, take a minute to write a list of what rooms you want to conquer on which days. That way you have organization and a set plan. You can also create a list of which items you would like to focus on each day rather than doing it by room. For example, tackle clothes on Monday, tubberware on Tuesday, and so on. This is another helpful method in getting your apartment in order!

2. Lean on the things you love to help motivate you!

Finding motivation can be a challenge sometimes, especially when it comes to cleaning. Head to Starbucks and buy your favorite drink, open the windows, play your favorite music and start cleaning! When you have some of your favorite things surrounding you– it makes it a little bit easier to find the energy to get done what you need to get done! Not to mention, it makes it a lot more fun!

3. Throw away what you do not need!

This is one of the more challenging parts of spring cleaning. If you are someone who grows sentimental attachment to a lot of items, it can be hard to declutter and let go. Tackling this issue is a big focus of the KonMari method. To decide whether or not an item should go, pick it up and hold it. If you feel the item “sparks joy” for you, keep it! If you feel as though you do not experience any joy holding the item, throw it away. One way to decrease the feeling of guilt that sentimental people may have when throwing an item away is to thank the item with a simple “thank you”  before tossing it in the bag.

4. Take short mental breaks!

Let’s face it, cleaning can be exhausting especially if you have been doing it all day. Rather than cleaning everything in one fell swoop, give yourself a break every so often. Grab a snack, take a walk, read a chapter of a book–this will give you a mental break and refresh you. Set an alarm on your phone so that you can stay on top of your task and not get distracted for too long!

5. Take everything out and put it back in a more organized way!

When trying to organize a cabinet or a closet, it can be hard to clean it up when there are items all over the place. For areas that are deeper such as a cabinet, take everything out of it and place it on the ground. This gives you the chance to see everything that is in there, throw away what you do not want or need, and place it all back in an orderly fashion. Everything will have a place and you will know what is where.

6. Get some Spring decor to liven up your apartment!

After you are done cleaning, it is important to keep the festive Spring mood alive! Buy a bouquet of bright flowers as well as a few household items such as colorful pillows, throw blankets, cooking utensils, window decor—anything that makes it feel like Spring in your apartment. This will not only make your apartment look super cute but it will bring life to it as well!

After you complete your spring cleaning, light a candle, have a glass of wine, turn on your favorite show, and relax in your nice clean home. There truly is no better feeling than coming home to a clean house so enjoy it!