Tips To Saving Money on Summer Vacation!

Summer is officially here! June 21 marked the grand entrance of the season that so many people look forward to each year. The kids are out of school and vacation is on the mind. While it is definitely exciting, it may also be stressful. Vacation can be expensive but it does not always have to be! Check out these 4 ways to save money on this summer’s vacation!

1. Bring your own food

The price of food at popular vacation destinations tends to be higher than normal during the summer. One of the best ways to solve this is to bring your own food! Whether you are going to the beach or an amusement park, pack your own sandwiches and snacks! This is not only a great way to save money, but if you have a picky eater in your family, you are guaranteed to have something that they like! 

2. Go somewhere you can drive to

A vacation is about what you make of it and not how fancy the destination is! If you are on a budget, take a trip to a place that you can drive to! Whether you take a day trip or a long weekend, making fun summer memories is what is most important! Research all of the beaches, lakes, antique shops, amusement parks, etc. in your surrounding area and plan the perfect summer outing!

3. Limit souvenirs

When you are on vacation, you want to have something to show for it when you come home. Try limiting your souvenirs, especially if you are flying! Before your trip, think about the one thing you want to pick up for yourself. T-shirts, magnets, snow globes, etc. are all perfect souvenirs to help remember your trip by but just like food, they can be overpriced. Set a budget on how much you want to spend on mementos and try to stick to it!

4. Make lists!

Before going on vacation, make a list of everyday essentials that you use and could not live without while you are away. This is a useful tool in trying to prevent forgetting something at home and having to buy it when you get there. This will help you save extra cash and decrease that feeling of “ I feel like I am missing something.” Make your lists a few weeks in advance rather than the night before you leave. As vacation dawns closer, stress levels and hecticness tend to rise. Help yourself out and begin to prep early! 

No matter where you go this summer, enjoy your vacation! Planning a trip, despite how far you go, can be stress inducing especially financially. Follow these tips and research some more in an attempt to ease your anxiety. Everybody deserves time to relax! 

Creating Summer Memories!

June 21 marks the first official day of summer! The season full of warmth and sun in the fun is quickly approaching. Summer is the perfect time to create memories with the people you care about the most. If you are struggling to come up with an itinerary for the summer time, we have got you covered! Here is a list of fun activities for you and your friends this summer!

1. Take a splash at a water park!

Embrace your inner mermaid and enjoy a day at a waterpark! Waterparks are perfect for people of all ages. Whether you want to chill out in the lazy river or test your courage on the daring slides, it is sure to make the perfect day out!

2. Enjoy the waves at the beach!

Ah yes, the beach. The perfect place to relax. A beach day makes a fun day trip or road trip. Grab your favorite book, delicious snacks (beware of the seagulls), and enjoy the sound of the waves crashing. It is the peaceful day that you deserve. Make the beach your oasis this summer!

3. Go for a hike!

Summer is the best time to get out and get active! Take advantage on a nice day and go for a hike! Listening to the sounds of nature while exploring the great outdoors is sometimes the perfect way to unwind! Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air. Our world is an amazing place!

4.Take a trip to a museum!

Just because it is summer does not mean that learning is completely off limits! Check out the museums in your area and spend a day learning about the history that brought us to where we are today! Not to mention, history museums are not the only type of museums. There are science, art, technology, etc. museums as well. You learn something new everyday so why not make a summer memory out of it?!

5. Become an artist for the day at Painting with a Twist!

Painting with a Twist has become a popular activity for many people. Painting With A Twist allows you to embrace your inner Picasso and create a masterpiece of your very own. Bring your wine and your best friends and follow along as the instructor guides you through the painting process step by step. You will be amazed at how it turns out! When you are done, hang it in your apartment for all of your guests to see!

6. Enjoy a picnic with someone you love!

Some of the best summer memories are the ones you create outdoors! Invite your friends over for a picnic full of all of your favorite foods. There is nothing better than soaking in the sun, catching up on life, and relaxing with the people who mean the most!

7. Stay indoors and watch a movie!

Sometimes you just do not feel like leaving your house and that is ok! Whether you are by yourself or with a friend, having a movie day is always a great option for a fun day. Pick a movie from each genre and relax. You will laugh, cry, scream, and create awesome memories.

These are just some of the many options for a fun summer outing that you can take advantage of! Make memories with the ones you love that you can treasure for a lifetime!

Getting Your Apartment Vacation Ready

Going on vacation is one of the best things to do in the summer. Whether you go to a beach, an amusement park, or a log cabin in the woods, no matter where you go, a week with no worries is something that majority of people look forward to. But before you go, do you know how to get your apartment vacation ready?

Your apartment will be vacant for the week and if it’s not properly prepared, you can scratch that “no worries” aura that vacation brings. Here are 6 tips on how to make sure your apartment is ready for vacation so you can have a carefree time away:

1. Throw away any food that could rot while you are away

One of the biggest mistakes to make is leaving food that decays in your fridge untouched for a week. You’ll come back to moldy food that has an awful smell to accompany it. Clear out the food and scrub it. Nothing like coming home to a clean fridge!

2. Make sure the person checking up on your apartment knows how everything works

A lot of people have somebody to check in on their home while they are away. Whether it is to get mail, feed the pets, or make sure everything is secure, double check that they know how to lock the door, set the alarm, turn off the lights, etc. Coming home to find your front door was unlocked during the duration of your time away or that your light bill will be escalated because they could not find the right switch is something you will not want to deal with after a week of relaxation. Also, make sure that they close your blinds if they decide to open them. This is a great way to make sure that nobody can look into your apartment and see that you are not home. If you fear that they will forget to do something such as locking the door, leave them a friendly note! A little reminder can go a long way.

3. Set your thermostat

The temperature you set your thermostat at when you are away is up to you. If you want to return to a cooler house, leaving it at 65-70 degrees is the perfect temperature. Setting the thermostat is also completely optional. If you prefer to turn it off, that is ok also. Whatever the best option is for your home and for you to not come home to a high bill is an individual preference.

4. Stop your mail

Once again, this step is completely optional but often an easy way to help you remain relaxed on vacation. Having someone to pick up your mail is great but if you have to worry about them forgetting or misplacing it, stop your mail! When you return, you’ll be able to pick it up at your local post office and go through it at your own pace. Just ask someone to check your mailbox each day in case the post office makes a mistake!

5. Clean each room thoroughly

There is nothing better than coming home to a fresh and clean house. Set aside a specific time to tackle and conquer each room. Knowing your house is clean and decluttered will increase your feeling of relaxation. Let’s be real– with all of the souvenirs and the suitcase of clothing you are bringing back from vacation, it is going to get messy again. Wouldn’t it be easier to create a new mess than to add to one?

6. Unplug all appliances

One of the most important things to remember is to unplug all appliances. Fires can start in the blink of an eye. Getting a call that there was a fire in your apartment while you are miles away from home is the complete opposite of relaxation. Even if you do not think it is a hazard, unplug it. You are not using it anyway. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

With these tips and any other vacation tips you have of your own, you will be sure to have the relaxing vacation you deserve!




How To Beat The Summer Heat In Your Apartment

The summer heat can be brutal. Humidity weighing down on you and the feeling of the sun hugging your skin— sometimes it almost seems impossible to beat it. Not only do you feel it outside but sometimes the heat makes itself comfortable in your apartment and that’s one guest you never wanted in the first place, right? Well, don’t worry because there are ways that you can beat the summer heat in your apartment!

One of the very first ideas that may come to a lot of minds is air conditioning. Air conditioners are a gift from heaven in the summer. But in order to take advantage of them, you have to make sure they are working properly. For example, make sure the filter is changed and if it’s not or if there are any other problems, notify the on site team as soon as possible.

Another way to beat the heat of the summer in your apartment is to utilize curtains or shades that are made of a thick enough fabric to darken the room. While sunlight is great, it can also turn your apartment into an oven in a short amount of time. Until the sun starts to go down, pick out some summer-colored curtains that will not only look cute but will keep you cool!

Portable fans are so useful in the summer. Even if your air conditioner is working great, a fan will help circulate the cool air and create a constant breeze and, not to mention, you can bring it to any room in the apartment you want. Whether it is a box fan, pedestal fan, table fan– this will help your apartment stay cool. Plus, nobody says it has to be a basic neutral color, right? Find a fan with a design on it or in a color you love!

A delicious way to cool off this summer is to create cool, refreshing beverages the whole family can enjoy. Adults can whip up frozen Margaritas or a Mojito while the kids can make their own Popsicle or have a blast making Root Beer floats. There is nothing like a cold beverage on a hot day!

Lastly, if your apartment community has a pool—utilize it! Swimming is not only a great summer activity that can keep the kids busy for hours, but it is extremely helpful when trying to keep cool in the hot summer temps!

Remember to hydrate and try your best to keep cool, Residents!

How to Get Your Apartment Ready for Summer

Summer is quickly approaching. The sun is shining, the weather is warming up, and everyone seems to be in a better mood. However, the outdoors should not be the only thing brightening up this season; your apartment should as well! Here are some tips to help bring your apartment to life:

1. Get Flowers

Flowers are one of the best ways to bring life and color to a room. Flowers have a tendency to draw attention to themselves with how bold and bright they can be. Not to mention, they radiate an amazingly fresh scent that will take over your apartment.

Now, you may be thinking “I don’t have the time to take care of flowers,” or “I am going to forget to water them,” but who said they need to be real? Fake flowers are just as eye-catching as real ones.

2. Decorate!

Decorating is one of the best ways to get your apartment ready for any season. Lights are not just for the holidays, they would look great hanging in the area you entertain the most, especially white ones which will look great on the 4th of July. You could also do something as simple as switching out your pillows on the couch, the tablecloth on the dining room table, or the sheets on your bed for something as daring as hot pink or more of a yellow, white, or light blue color to bring the summer sky into your apartment.

If you are on a tight budget, there are a multitude of DIY (do-it-yourself) craft ideas floating around the internet that could be used as inspiration. If you have kids, they could also get in on the decorating! Some finger paint and a clean canvas could create a piece you will treasure for a lifetime.

3. Spring Clean

Though schedules can be hectic, if you are able to find time to clean out your apartment of all the clutter that collected over the winter, it is a great way to freshen up and start new for the summer season.

Looking around and seeing piles of mess can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing so take a day to open your window, blast your favorite tunes, and throw away or donate anything you do not need anymore. Once it’s done, you’ll feel rejuvenated and it improves your mental health.

4. Check Your Air Conditioner

Try not to wait until the last minute to see if your air conditioner is working properly. The last thing you want is to realize it needs maintenance on a scorching, hot day. Give it a test run and submit a service request if you experience any issues with it.

These tips are just four of the many ways that you can get your apartment ready for the summer fun that awaits! Have a great summer, and stay cool!